Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Orlando Owoh - Hunger


artist: Orlando Owoh

album: Hunger

label: Owoh Records

I'm so dumb.

And I can say that from personal experience.

No sooner had I posted that last album, Orlando Owoh - E get as E be, than some gentle soul commented that Moos over at Global Groove had already posted the same album.  I went over to check out Moos's post and low and behold not only had I downloaded it already but I had even commented on the post.

Egg on MY face hahaha.

OK, so you're wondering why I didn't realize I already had that album.  

Well, I could point out that since this is a new computer I don't have the necessisary app to extract the files which is true.  I still haven't opened Moos's copy of that album.

That excuse would be true.  But there is an even deeper reason.

I forgot.

But all that is in the past.

Here's another album from that lovely "downloaded albums" folder.  Again, thank you to whoever created these files.  Images are from discogs.

And always thank you to Dr. Chief Orlando Owoh for giving us all your gift of music may you RIP. 

Orlando Owoh - Hunger

Until further notice these files are HERE

Or you could buy the album HERE



Charlie said...

Thanks for the Dr. Orlando Owoh!

grooVemonzter said...

Thank you Charlie for commenting! It is my pleasure to post Orlando Owohs wonderful music. Cheers, Cole