Friday, May 13, 2016

Theophilus Iwalokun and His Group

Theophilus Iwalokun and His Group
 JNLP A906

side one: Oro Ile Aiye / Eko Obi
side two: Igbehin Asebi

side one

Theophilus Iwalokun was a NIgerian musician and band leader.  Surprisingly little is written about him.  His music is beautiful though.  Old style palm wine Juju music.  

From the back of his other album that I have posted here:

"Theophilus Iwalokun was born in the year 1926.  He is a native of Abereke in the Western State.  He attended U. N. A. School Abereke.  He was first of all a Fisherman before he became a Tinker.  He later on learnt how to play Banjo from his brother.  It was while playing Banjo that he bought guitar.  How to play guitar was not a problem to him.

In the year 1953, he formed a Juju group known as Theophilus Iwalokun and his Group.  He has travelled around Western State and Midwestern State.  In 1953 he started to record discs.  Since 1953 he has recorded under Jofabro labels or recordings.  These include NH 144 Chief Obafemi Awolowo/Elese ajiya NH 145 Orin dowe / Adaba pe me.  His brand of music is liked through out Federation."

Yomi Shittu said:  Original, undiluted lovely music so delightful to hear after so many years.  Theo as a musician and a man was very popular in Lagos Island of old particularly Lafiaji/Epetedo area in fact well respected, he was given his due then.  RIP Iwalokun, the fisherman and musician.

Cynthia Adeola Abafemi said:  May his gentle rest in perfect peace Amen.  He took me down the memory lane, my senior brother was one of his great pal may his soul rest in perfect peace Amen.  He always went to ijeh in Obalende to listen to his music then great voice and correct sensible words.

Adedoyin Obadara said: Baba Theophilus Iwalokun of blessed memory continue to rest in perfect peace.  You made a great impact on so many people in life with your several meaningful songs rendered in his generation and that of my late father and mother... RIP...


Bonus CD track


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