Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Orlando Owoh - Kangaroo


Oh Kangaroo
Oh Kangaroo
As you're beautiful also you're proud too much
Oh Kangaroo

I see that mediafire is blocking some of my uploads on copywrite grounds.  Fair enough.  I respect that as I respect all things with absolute power over me.

It seems to be somewhat random though.  Somehow Orlando Owoh's "Knock out 85" is OK but "Asotio Aiye" is blocked...  Bunny Wailers "Borderation" is blocked but the version side "Badder Ridim" is OK.  Whatever.  I like the version side more anyway.

Let's try this one.


Chief (Dr) Orlando Owoh and His African Kenneries

side one: Kangaroo / Itan Iku Ati Iberu / Chief Arounmolase

side two: His Royal Highness Oba Okunade Sijuade (Ooni Of Ife) / Ore Te Ose Funmi / Koito / Talonpe Sebe Nibeyen

side one

side two

Special thanks to Afroslabs for sharing these files.

Also thanks to Toshiya Endo for his Orlando Owoh discography.


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