Monday, December 18, 2023

Burning Spear Studio One Showcase

Winston Rodney, aka Burning Spear, came from a rural Jamaica parish called Saint Anns Bay.  The same Saint Anns Bay that gave us Marcus Garvey by the way.  A connection that would play heavily into Burning Spear's music.  Burning Spear began his recording career at Studio One Studios.  According to Burning Spear himself he was introduced to Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, the owner of Studio One, by Bob Marley.  Burning Spear had already acquired a local following and his recording sessions were eagerly awaited by the whole Studio One posse.  Burning Spear's first single, "Door Peeper", begins with him speaking, "I and I, the son of the most high, Jah Rasta Fari, whose heart shall correspond and beat in one harmony, sounds from the Burning Spear" and then the drums kick in and the band starts playing.  And far away, in a little apartment in Los Angeles I listened, transfixed to the stereo speakers, some 45 years ago and man-o-man what a moment.

Burning Spear released two albums on the Studio One label.  The self-titled "Burning Spear" and then the album "Rocking Time."  Those first two albums...  I can't tell you how many times I played them.  I always dreamed that there would be a third Burning Spear Studio One album, but that third album never came.  Coxsone did release a few singles not included on the albums, "Zion Higher", "New Civilization" and "This Population" all of which I found after much searching.  Also, Coxsone released a bunch of singles form the albums and I bought as many as I could find just to hear the version sides.  But that third album, that third Burning Spear Studio One album, never happened.

When it came time for me to move to the Philippines, I recorded all my Burning Spear singles and at some point, as the ganja smoke gently rose up over my computer screen a wonderful idea came to me....  

album: Burning Spear Studio One Showcase
label: Little Red


01 This Population ( The Burning Spear) 
02 This Population version (The New Establishment) 
03 Get Ready (Burning Spear) 
04 Get Ready Dub (Winston & The Brentford Rockers) 
05 Wala Wala (single version credited to Owen Right) 
06 Creation Rebel (Burning Spear) 
07 Creation (Version) (Winston & The Brentford Rockers) 
08 Door Peeper (Single Version) 
09 Ethiopians live it out (Burning Spear) 
10 Live it out (Burning Spear with Sound Dimension) 
11 Rocking Time (Burning Spear (Coxsone single version)) 
12 Zion Higher (Burning Spear) 
13 Zion (Ver.) (Sound Dimension) 
14 The Avenue Pt2 (Hubert Lee with Sound Dimension)

Burning Spear at Studio One

Afterword:  You may have noticed that the single "New Civilization" was not included on this Showcase album.  I did in fact find that record after much searching but folks, the copy I got in the mail was totally trashed.  Filled with pops and skips and I decided to leave it off the album just out of respect.  I suppose I could have lifted the file from a YouTube video but, I didn't.  Maybe that tune will have to wait for the fourth Burning Spear Studio One album.  Or maybe I'll redo it... we'll see.  In the meantime here it is.




greedygordy said...

lovely stuff my friend - thanks

greedygordy said...

how can one download my friend?

grooVemonzter said...

@greedygordy Go to the YouTube web address and delete the ube from YouTube and go to that address. It will give you all the download options. Video and mp3. Here I did it for you. Go to this address:

Notice how the youtube has been shortened to yout. That will do it for most youtube videos.


greedygordy said...

thanks my friend

James A. Naismith said...

gooVemonzter - I used to live in used record stores. Did you ever go to PooBah's in Pasadena? How about Rockaway in Silver Lake? Nice reggae store off Crenshaw whose name I forget. Rhino's in West L.A. (not the label)? You bring back memories. Thanks!

grooVemonzter said...

@James A. Naismith - Thanks for commenting. PooBah's yes. For a while I lived in Monrovia and I used to go there and buy used CDs. Great little record store. Rockaway I went to a few times but not a lot. They were more into rock and at the time I was pretty much just looking for reggae. The reggae shop off Crenshaw might have been Culture Beat, or maybe Alisons, or maybe Barton's but I have a feeling it was this little shop whose name I also can't remember because I was only there once. But I remember it well. When I walked in they were playing the 12 inch single "Promised Land" by Dennis Brown. What a great song! There as a young dred behind the counter and i walked up and asked if I could buy the record he was playing. He said OK and reluctantly took the record off the turn table and I bought it. Just like that hahahaha. Rhinos in Westowood..... I lived about two blocks from Rhino Records and I about lived there. I used to go there almost every night after work and listen to used reggae records in their listening booth. Great memories. Thank you so much. Cheers.