Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Orlando Owoh - E Get as E Be


artist: Dr Chief Orlando Owoh & his African Kenneries

album: E Get as E Be

label: Owoh Records

year: 1989

As I have previously explained I have moved to the Philippines.  And before I go on let me say, this place is a trip.  The Philippines are a trip.  The Philippines and the Filipino people are beautiful.  If you have a chance to visit the Philippines, do come.  You will not be disappointed.

But, back to music.

Before I moved to the Philippines I bought a new computer.  I had all my music files backed up on Carbonite so when I arrived in the Philippines I was able to download all my stored music files.

However, the download was slow.  I mean VERY slow.  Dear readers, it took two (2) months to download all my files.  No joke.  Finally though Carbonite told me that 100% of my files had been downloaded and I have spent the last few weeks going through my music folders.  Some fun.

So, check this out.  As I was looking through my files I found a folder labeled "downloaded albums."  This sounds interesting I thought.  I opened the folder and I found about 40 full length albums that I had downloaded from YouTube over the years.  And folks, amongst those albums I found this Orlando Owoh album that I had never posted.  

"E Get as E Be"....  

Well, it looks like I get a new Orlando Owoh album.


Orlando Owoh - E Get as E Be

Credits.  I have no idea who made these files but I'm posting them because... Hear me out.

In an interview taken from the movie "Life History of Orlando Owoh (part 2)  Orlando Owoh said this;

Interviewer (speaking to Orlando Owoh) :  Some other musicians do sing your songs.  Do they come for any copyright from you?

Orlando Owoh:  That’s what NIGERIANS eat from.

Interviewer:  And you are not angry at that?

Orlando Owoh:  (thinks a long time then says)  We met songs in the world.  That’s why we can sing.  And when we die some other people will continue singing.  I am just happy that I am fortunate.  I’ve got good destiny.  That I can find this cloth and buy it.  And I still find it on this man.  Then it’s a good and fine cloth.  And may the Lord make any other persons using my songs proper with it.
Thank you Dr Chief Orlando Owoh for your gift of music.  We are all blessed.

HrH Shakeera Ghoniem said:  Dr Orlando Owoh your memory will remain you are great just too great KENNERY BABA

Ajayi Abayomi said: Baba Kennerie I miss you, rest in peace baba

Tunji Akande said:  This is the man with velveting voice and deep philosophy.  He ruled his time with his unique songs and rhythm.  A leading singer, songwriter and musician of my generation.

KING DAVID said: You will forever be remember with all your evergreen records.  Many of us never listen to your music until we grew up and see how this resonates in our 21st century.  You have gone but your work lives on.  RIP

PS  I got the images for the cover and for the label from discogs.

PPS Until further notice this music can be found HERE

PPPS Or you could get an even better Rip from Global Grove HERE

PPPPS Or you could even buy this album HERE



Anonymous said...

One can find a different rip at Globalgroovers
Thank you for finding so much good music

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by. Globalgroovers is a treasure. His rip is probably better than this one 🤣