Sunday, March 20, 2022

Barrington Levy - Poor man style


When Dance hall was lovely.

album: Poorman Style
artist: Barrington Levy
musicians: Roots Radics
producer: Linval Thompson
mixed by Scientist
studio:Channel One
label: Clocktower/Abraham

How did Dancehall become Yellowman?

That is a question that has haunted me for 40 years.

Dancehall, the dancehall that I fell in love with, was so good. Those wicked Roots Radics rythms.  Producers like Linval Thompson and Junjo Lawes.  Artist like the Wailing Souls, Barrington Levy, Linval Thompson himself. The ever present Scientist mixing.  Channel One Studio.  Good music.  When Yellowman came out... It was like loss of Eden..

And I didn't even get the apple.

She Is The Best Girl

I get a tickle every time I see the "Abraham" logo.  A lot of people give Abraham a lot of grief.  Call him a bootleg label.  Say all sorts of ill things but I just want to say "Thank You Mr. Abraham."  Back in the 80s and 90s I purchased so much vinyl on that label.  So many great Channel One albums that I would have otherwise never found.  I'm glad to see he's still putting out material on CD.  Cheers.

edit Feb 9, 2023.  Can someone please tell me why, of all my posts, does this post get so many views?  I'm very curious.  

I Love I Love Her

Barrington Levy

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