Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunny Ade - The Master Guitarist vol. 2

Sunny Ade & His African Beats
The Master Guitarist Vol.2 
(LP; Sunny Alade SALPS 3)

[side one] Mo Ti Mo / Apala Syncro / Ota Nlulu Ibaje / Mawobe / Bomode Bama Wi / Eti Won Aya

[side two] Kileni Ase / Mori Sisi Meji / Iduro Soro / Bi Oba Fe Sebi Ranti / Kowo-Kowo / Didun Londun

thanks to youtube user bazaaaar for posting this music:
also thanks to toshiya endo for his sunny ade discography:
the master guitarist vol 2:


Dele Oderinde said...
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The Uber Sonic Sonar Radar said...

cool stuff i love this kinf of groove thank you