Monday, October 3, 2011

Ogyatanaa Show Band - Yerefrefre

Ogyatanaa Show Band



Ogyatanaa Show Band personel:

Nana Ofori - Leader, Guitar
Ocloo Jackson - Asst. Leader, Percussion/Drums
Ofori Frimpong - Keyboards
Kobina Gardiner - Bass Guitar
Nakai Nettey - Percussion
Frank Buta - Vocals
Pa Owiredu - Vocals/Percussion
Kwaku Dua - Vocals/Percussion
Kwadwo Donkoh - Composer, Arranger, Organ

The Ogyatanaa Show Band

Special thanks to Osibisaba for posting this selection:

Thanks to Voodoofunk for the Ogyantanaa Show Band photo:


Anonymous said...

Somehow the photo doesn't look right to me (in particular the hats and dress don't quite look Ghanaian). I think the group pictured is actually Poly-Rhythmo. Not sure though, just a feeling. Thanks for the music.

grooVemonzter said...

@ anonymous - thanks for the info. I hunted the internet trying to find pictures of the Ogyatanaa Show Band and that was the only photo I could find. But now you have me wondering.. I might take it down. Let me ponder this over night.

tHE sHAKARA said...

No do not take the photo down. The costume is Ghanaian; The skirt is called "dorsor" in twi. It is worn by fetish priests. It is obsolate now. Many years ago those fetish priests, or the shaman display their artistry in the night; Mostly at open spaces with bonfires to give light for the spectators.

grooVemonzter said...

hmmmm... I'll leave it up. It's a cool picture in any case. Cheers