Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Orlando Owoh - Kennery De Ijo Ya

Dr. Orlando Owoh
and His African Kenneries Beats International

"Kennery De Ijo Ya"

side one - Kennery De Ijo Ya / Ola Ree Wa / Oye Ka Se Census / Ere No Omo Mi / Olugboy Egba

The following exerpts are from the movie "Life History of Orlando Owoh (part 2):

Interviewer (speaking to Orlando Owoh):  Why did you change the bands names? From ORLANDO OWOH and his OMEMA Band to ORLANDO OWOH and his KENERY Band?
Orlando Owoh:  Those that we started together betrayed and left me.
Interviewer:  You mean the OMEMA Band?
Orlando Owoh:  Yes.  And I left them to be.  I left my instrument and everything to them.
Interviewer:  Were they performing on their own then?
Orlando Owoh:  It was not easy for them.
Interviewer:  That means it was not easy for them?
Orlando Owoh:  They dared it but… God gave it to me.
Interviewer:  (laughs)
Orlando Owoh:  They actually played.  But they had about four different leaders after me. 
Interviewer:  That was when you formed KENERY?
Orlando Owoh:  I left them in OMEMA and started AFRICAN KENERY Band
Interviewer:  What is the meaning of KENERY?
Orlando Owoh:  KENERY is a singing bird.
Omimah Band

Interviewer:  Some other musicians do sing your songs.  Do they come for any copyright from you?

Orlando Owoh:  That’s what NIGERIANS eat from.

Interviewer:  And you are not angry at that?

Orlando Owoh:  (thinks a long time then says)  We met songs in the world.  That’s why we can sing.  And when we die some other people will continue singing.  I am just happy that I am fortunate.  I’ve got good destiny.  That I can find this cloth and buy it.  And I still find it on this man.  Then it’s a good and fine cloth.  And may the Lord make any other persons using my songs proper with it.

side two - John Ojomo / Iba Oluwa Iba Enia / Ebami Jo Adama / Eni Foju Ana Wo Oku

Interviewer:  Those days that you sing has really changed compare to this time.  Then you must be able to handle an instrument perfectly before you can lead a band.  But now days if you can sing you can lead.  What advice do you have for musicians of nowadays?

Orlando Owoh:  I play guitar but am no more performing.  I am no more performing so how do I advise those who are still performing?
Interviewer:  From your experience as a father.

Orlando Owoh: Any musician without instrument is not a musician.  But nowadays, they only brag and pose.  Nobody composes good songs anymore. 

Orlando Owoh and his Young Kenneries Band

thanks to jordnewton4luv for posting the files 4 this music: http://www.youtube.com/user/jordnewton4luv
thanks to wyldpytchrekords for posting the video "Life History of Orlando Owoh part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrTF73-7GfQ


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