Wednesday, November 6, 2019

RIP Vaughn Bemjamin

The eyes are the lights of the body
Look into your eyes
See you are infinity
Somebody worthy of noble deeds
Jah inna I and I
Jah inna everybody - Vaughn Benjamin

Vaughn Benjamin has passed. 

This is a tough one.


Rest in peace Vaughn Benjamin.

Your music will live forever.

Rasta to the Bone.

Midnite Live Tracks - Vol. 1

1) In the Kindom of Jah (a)
2) When Them (a)
3) Israel (a)
4) Rasta Living inna Babylon (b)
5) Propaganda (c)
6) I Feel Jah (d)
7) Jah Ovah (d)
8) All Praise (e)

(a) Live at the Northwest World Reggae Festival 2011
(b) Veterans Hall - Santa Cruz, California 2009
(c) URF - 10
(d) Trinumeral Festival 080808
(e) Live at Ouside Lands unknown date

All Praise

thanks to youtube users:

I no wan no seat inna them wolfpack congregation,
I Rastaman still stand - Vaughn Bengamin


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gregory Isaacs Live at the Roxy 1982

The Cool Ruler.  The Lonely Lover.  Jah Tooth.  aka: Gregory Isaacs backed by the Roots Radics band live at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles 1982.  Soundboard recording.  Two LP set.  I was at Amoeba records and I said yes, I'll take one.

artist: Gregory Isaacs and the Roots Radics
album:  Live at the Roxy 1982
label: Radiation

"Just because I fell in love on a Sunday morn."  Gregory Isaacs


Monday, July 1, 2019

Gregory Isaacs - Who Cares

I've had this likkle single for a few years now.  I can't really remember where I found it but my hunch would be that I picked it up at Rhino Records in Westwood.  I don't know.  Maybe I picked it up at HiFi Records in Chicago.  One of the two.  I don't know.  Who cares.

artist: Gregory Isaacs
label: Silver Camel Classics 10" single
side A: Don't Beleive in Him
side AA: Who Cares


Gregory Isaacs



Sunday, June 30, 2019

Train to Zion Dub

I always loved this album.  Well, mainly I loved this album because of one riddim. But luckily the LP features three songs with that one riddim so basically I loved a lot of the album.  Anyway, I was sitting here burning some vinyl and I, just for fun, strung the riddims together to make a nice ten minute reggae groove which I have been playing on repeat for the better part of this nice sunny Sunday afternoon.

It's moments like this that I am overcome with the urge to share.

album:  Train To Zion Dub
artist: Linval Thompson, Wayne Jarrett, Ranking Trevor
songs: Never have a Problem / Money Problems
produced by Linval Thompson
label: TUFF GONG

Monday, June 24, 2019

Orlando Owoh Volume 4

I've seen pictures of this little 45 floating around the internet for years and I've always wondered what it sounded like.  So when I saw it posted for sale on Discologs I was unable to resist.  A few clicks and then a few days later it was at my doorstep.  Like magic.  And much to my pleasure the record was in pretty good shape!  Bravo and Thank you Brazil.


Orlando Owoh and his Omimah Band
Volume 4
Decca Wax 202

side one: Mo Gbo Ohun Ayo Rere / Baba Loke
side two: Ajuwaiye Oko / Npe Mi


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Orlando Owoh - Osupa Ko Pe Meji


Wow, just wow.

Look what we've found

Dr. Orlando Owoh and His Omimah Band

album: Osupa Ko Pe Meji
Decca 1972

side one: Omo Ni Fon / Ise Logun Ise
side two: Emi Wa Wa Lowo Re / A Tun Gbere Wa De

side one 

Orlando Owoh and His Omimah Band

side two

Thank you A Tertiary Source for this great... music

Doctor Orlando Owoh

Sunday, December 17, 2017

City Boys International Band - Obaa Sima

artist: City Boys International Band
album:  Obaa Sima
label: Rainbow Highlife
producer: S.Y.O. Safo
year: 1985

side one:
1) Obaa Sima
2) Onyame yedan wo

side two:
1) Meye agyanka
2) Bisa ofie nnipa

Call it an early Christmas Gift...


Obaa sima

Onyame yedan wo

Mfye agyanka

Bisa ofie nnipa


Monday, September 18, 2017

The Roots Radics

I ask myself how could we have gone so long without ever having a "Roots Radics" label?  How is that even possible?  

That changes now.  


song: Bit by Bit
artist: The Morwells
label: Mor-Well-Esq
year: 1975

It all goes back to the Morwells,

and Kingston Jamaica..

The Morwells were a reggae band originally formed in 1973 by friends Maurice "Blacka" Wellington and Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont.  Later Errol "Flabba" Holt was brought in to make it a trio.

Blacka, Flabba and Bingy Bunny

During the mid to late 1970's The Morwells released a string of singles on their own "Mor-Well-Esq" label with Bingy Bunny usually singing lead vocals.  Their first album "Presenting the Morwells" was released in 1975 along with its companion dub album "Dub Me."  They have both been reissued, by the way, and are considered cult classics.

Between the years 1975 to 1978 the Morwells released a total of four vocal albums: "Presenting the Morwells", "Crab Race",  "Cool Runnings" and "Kingston 12 Toughie."  During this time Bingy Bunny and Flabba Holt were also working in the Kingston recording studios as session musicians.  Bingy on guitar and Flabba on bass.  The Jamaican studios of the late 1970's were a bee hive of musical creativity.  Bingy and Flabba joined forces with Lincoln "Style" Scott on drums, Dwight Pinkney on lead guitar and Gladstone Anderson on keyboards and began laying down tracks for some of the great Jamaican artist of the day: Prince Far I, Gregory Isaacs, Bunny Wailer, The Wailing Souls, Barrington Levy and more.

Prince Far I called them "The Arabs" but it was Gregory Isaacs who gave them the name the world would come to know them by: "The Roots Radics."

The rest is musical history. 

artist: Prince Far I and the Arabs
song: Plant Up
album: Cry Tuff Dub Encounters Chapter 3
label: Pressure Sounds

prince far i and the arabs

artist: Gregory Isaacs and the Roots Radics
song: Confirmed Reservation
album: BBC session 1981

gregory isaacs and the roots radics

The Roots Radics

The Roots Radics Band

bass - Earl "Flabba" Holt
rhythm guitar - Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont
drums: Lincoln "Style" Scott
lead guitar: Noel "Sowell" Bailey, Dwight Pinkney
keyboards: Gladstone "Gladdy" Anderson, Wycliffe "Steely" Johnson
percussion: Barnabus, Scully
saxophone: Headly Bennett

artist: The Roots Radics
song: Country Gal Dub
album: King Tubby Meets Roots Radics: Dangerous Dub
label: Copesetic

the roots radics


Friday, September 15, 2017

Ali Chukwuma - Udo Nigeria

artist - Ali Chukwuma and His Peacemakers International Band
album - Udo Nigeria 
label - Polar Records AGB 0013

side one: Udo Nigeria
side two: Chief I. I. Udeaja / Egwu Hunanya

from the back:  

"Big thanks goes to gentleman Ali Chukwuma who has taken time to compose and arrange this mortal melody that will ever remain for decades."

And now, four decades later....

udo nigeria


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Rogana Ottah Agbachimi Nkiti

artist:  Chief Rogana Ottah and his Victory Stars Band
album: Agbachimi Nkiti
label: Alhaji Y. Akomolafe AAKC 030

side one: Agbachimi Nkiti / Onwu Adubegbum
side two Ashi Madu Abu Ofu

I purchased this record a few years ago from a source in France which will go unnamed because I've forgotten the name.  I purchased several records from them actually and many looked like they had been dug up from the ground.  Literally.  This record though was a diamond in the rough.  The jacket was intact and strong.  And to my pleasure the vinyl was shiny and played surprisingly clean.  

John Beadle writes: "Guitarist Isaac Rogana Ottah, "The Oshio Super King," a prolific artist from Akoku, Ndokwa LGA, Delta State, is one of the better-known Anioma musicians. His musical career began in the early 1970's when he played in the bands of Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe and Rex Lawson. In 1973 he joined fellow Ndokwa native Charles Iwegbue and His Hino Sound Band. Striking out on his own after Iwegbue's tragic death in 1976, Ottah scored a major hit with his first LP, Ukwani Special, in 1977. In quick succession a series of outstanding recordings, notably the "Oshio Super" series, propelled Ottah to the vanguard of the Anioma recording scene. Although his career slowed after the 1980s, he still made a prosperous livelihood as a touring musician into the early years of the 21st century."

Thanks to John Beadle and Toshiya Endo for their Rogana Ottah discography HERE

Very nice on the ear.