Monday, February 22, 2016


"Time is not counted from daylight
but from Midnite.."
Midnite is a breath of fresh air. 
Midnite live at Rototom Sunspash 2014

Midnite Live at the Joy

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Orlando Owoh - Message

 Dr. Orlando Owoh & His African Kenneries Beats International

(LP; Owoh ORLPS 002)

 side one: 
Message / Jealousy / Agbada Meta

Babs Olotu says:  Kennery is the only music that inspire my soul. We all love you. We have lost a music genus but you left your music and good work behind for us to remember. RIP Baba Olowo

side two: 
Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo

Thanks to Toshiya Endo for his Orlando Owoh discography:


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

City Boys Band - Ankwanobi

City Boys International Band of Ghana
led by Obuoba J.A. Adofo
 BJI Records 1982
side one
Monsu Mame

Obuoba J.A. Adofo
"The Black Chinese"
Obuoba J.A. Kwabena Adofo has 115 albums to his credit.  Not too shabby.

"I was nearly killed!"

Speaking with NEWS-ONE, Adofo remembered a plot on his life masterminded by his late promoter named Ango:

'We had an agreement that if I record for him, he will buy me a car. So after we finished the job, he took me to Nigeria to buy the car for me.

We got to Nigeria at about 11:00am but he didn't proceed to the bank to withdraw money for the car. He waited till 4:30pm before we went to the bank.

It was too late so we couldn't buy the car after withdrawing the money. So he said I should rather sleep so that the next day we buy the car.'

He said the promoter gave him the money to keep after putting him in a hotel.

'The money was 10,000 naira but he took 2000 naira. He then hired a hotel called Kwadan for me at Agege, a suburb of Lagos.

In the evening, when I was going to sleep, something told me to go out and look for some tea to take. In the course of taking the tea, I overhead some two Ghanaians chatting in my language.

I greeted them and introduced myself to them. I also told them that a producer brought me to Nigeria to buy a car for me and he came to hire that hotel for me to sleep so that the next day we buy the car.'

According to him, the two guys told him they would not allow him to sleep in that hotel because 'everyday blessed day, the hotel is robbed.

They said if I sleep, there they would rob and kill me. Also, the guys couldn't take me to Apapa where they lived because it was far from where we were.

But they advised me not sleep in the hotel, whatever the case may be. There was this refuse dump behind the hotel, so I went for bedspread and blanket in the hotel room and found matches and set fire on the refuse.

I hid the money in my pants and covered myself with blanket. People who passed thought I was probably a mad person who had come to the area.'

He said, 'The next morning, armed robbers raided the hotel and killed people.  When the producer came to see me in the morning, he looked surprised.

He deliberately put me in that hotel so that they would come and rob the money from me and take it back. They were surprised to see me alive.'

The veteran musician is making the revelation 24 years after the incident occurred. He said he believed he survived because God loved him.

The experience, he noted, opened his eyes to how to deal with people in the music industry.

bloggers note - sounds like my boss..

read more here:
side two:
I have no father
Dabia Menko Mewuo

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Best of the Oriental Brothers International

The Best of
Oriental Brothers International
Afrodisia DWAPS 2146 (1982)
side one:
Uwa Ewe Nmete
Onwetaran Nye Ibe Ya
Onye Nmadu Eji Egbuya

side two:
Uwamesi Special
Ihe Onye Eche
Akwa Uwa

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bob Akwaboa - Fidie Wura

Master Bob Akwaboah and his Supreme Internationals
Fidie Wura
Ambassador LPAM 022
side one:
1 Fidie Wura Ba Na Wo Be Hunu   
2 Meko Gya Mediya Kwan   
3 Mete Ase Na Mennpe Nsa   
4 Nyame Ammo Me Kowensanni   
5 Manye Yie   

side two:
1 Medofo Mma Wo Were Fime   
2 Ye Ye Adwuma Ma Owuo   
3 Menom Nsa Makae Masem   
4 Meko Me Die Mu (Konkontimaa)   
5 Onipa Nse Hwee

thank you to Osibisaba blog for sharing this wonderful album:

Thursday, September 10, 2015

K.K.'s No. 2 - Heavy Mama

K.K.'s No. 2 led by A.K. Yeboah
Heavy Mama
Essiebons EBLS 6189 (1979)
side one:
Heavy Mama
Tua Ma Woho Nkom

"Every album by K.K.'s No. 2 Band is a treat to hear, but it's a shame that there isn't much information available about this group and its leader/singer A.K. Yeboah (Anthony King Yeboah, or sometimes "King" Yeboah). We know that Yeboah received his musical training under the legendary highlife musician and concert party performer Kakaiku (Moses Oppong). Yeboah went on to perform with Kakaiku's no. 2 band, which I would guess was the group out of which K.K.'s no. 2 Band evolved. According to John Collins, Yeboah and his K.K.'s no. 2 went on to perform as a concert party troupe, surely a successful one considering Yeboah's early training in Kakaiku's band." Osibisaba
side two:
Odo Ye Wu Fie
Mete Ase Manya Ade



Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Atakora Manu - Bre Bre Na Eye

Atakora Manu and his Sound Engineers
Bre Bre Na Eye
P.M.A. 004
side one:
Abena Kwabena
Bre Bre Na Eye
Do Wo Yonko


side two:
Odo Ben Ni
Ko Ma Menko


Monday, September 7, 2015

Gentleman Ali Chukwumah

Ali Chukwumah and his Peacemakers Int. Band of Nigeria
Gentleman Ali Chukwumah
AGB22 - 1981
side one: Egwundioma

From Toshiya Endo's Ali Chukwuma discography:

"Also known as "Ali Chukumah,""Ali Chuks" and "Ali Chukus." Almost completely unknown outside of Nigeria, this singer hails from Aboh, Oshimili LGA in Anambra State. He moved to nearby Atani at an early age following the death of his father. It is here that he made the acquaintance of fellow town resident Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe and joined his Nigeria Sound Makers Band in the late 1960s. He left in 1975 to form his own Peace Makers Dance Band, which released a number of rootsy highlife LPs in the 1970s and eighties.

Some have speculated that Ali Chukwuma is a Muslim. This is not true. Rather he takes the name "Ali" from his idol Ali Baba, a famous African wrestler of the sixties and seventies.

Ali Chukwuma passed away of liver failure in the mid 1980s, but his work is still greatly appreciated by highlife music lovers everywhere." - John Beadle

side two: Eje-Anabu-Isi

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Maye Kom

Master Bob Akwaboah and His Supreme Internationals
Maye Kom
Ambassador LPAM 019
side one:
1 Mame
2 Saman bakoma
side two:
1 Maye kom
2 Wabo so
3 Mafe ena


Sunday, September 6, 2015

City Boys Band - Nye Asem Hwe

City Boys Band
led by Obuoba J.A. Adofo
Nya Asem Hwe
released 1980
side one:
1 Nya Asem Hwe
2 Nko Nngya M'akyir
3 Osu A Meresu
4 Ofie Nipa Se Wo A

"There are no words eloquent enough to describe this Album.  It is beautiful beyond description.  Why?  Because much of Adofo's talent and musical skill has been displayed in it.  In selections like 'Nko Nngya M'ekyir', 'Ofie Nipa See Woa,' 'Ankwanoma Dede' and 'Nko Besie' to mention but few, the beautiful sweet rhythms and the superbly magnetic voice of Adofo flowing through them, will no doubt give each and every listener of this Album, a complete musical satisfaction.  Just take it easy and listen to the fantastic numbers awaiting you on this LP after which you'll agree with me that this Album is really great, fantastic and magnificent" Samuel Yaw Opong Safo (Wofa Yaw) (from the back cover)
side two:
1 Akutiabo
2 Ankwanoma Dede
3 Baabi Dehyee
4 Nko Besie