Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Curry Goat and Version - Chapter One


side one

Curry Goat & Version


side one:

Tug A War Game - Lacksley Castell
Keep on Knocking - Jacob Miller
Leaving - Lacksley Castell
Comercialization Dub - Rockers All Stars feat. Jacob Miller
Each One Teach One - Jacob Miller

side two:

Firehouse Rock - The Wailing Souls
Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall - The Wailing Souls
They Don't Know Jah - The Wailing Souls

Why, I ask myself, haven't I posted any reggae music on this blog?

Here's an offering to open a reggae section @ grooVemonzter.

Respect to musicians Sly & Robbie, the Soul Syndicate Band and the Roots Radics.

side two: