Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dele Abiodun ~ Adawa Super Sound


side one:

Dele Abioudun

"Adawa Super Sound"

Shanachie (43032)


side one:

Alalo moko
Adawa super dub

side two:

You are my love
Mo wo otun
Ore dani oto pon
Eje iga foro kofa odale
Kowo kowo
Oje le me na

"When the Lagos party people, especially the Yoruba elite, gets into a marathon 'til dawn jam-down, more often than not they choose the slinky, mesmerizing Afro-funk of juju for their party's soundtrack. A sea of undulating bodies rising and falling to the endless rhythm, swirls in front of a juju band's silvery, ringing guitars, murmuring electric bass and thundering talking drums. Airy lush harmonies, supercharged by a brassy tenor, hang like clouds over all. And the band plays on for six, seven, eight hours with hardly a break." - from the back cover (1985).

Special thanks to Moos at Global Groove Independent for posting the files for this album.

Music is universal.

side two:

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