Friday, December 18, 2009

Rogana Ottah and His Black Heros


side one

Rogana Ottah and His Black Heros

"Fire De Burn"

AGB 131

side one: Fire De Burn / Onweli Azu Ka Ego

side two: Love Your Neighbour / Ndu-Ka-Aku

From the back cover:

Fire fire dey burn.
You go to East you go to the West
You go to the South you go to the North
So so sofa sofa fire dey burn.
O papa dey cry mama dey cry picking dey cry.
I sofa from morning to night so so sofa every day money hard to get.

All over the world people dey hungry people dey die.
No money for food. No work to do.
Words Wettin my eye dey see my mouth no fit talk.

Fire dey burn.

Special thanks to Ylowek Scavel-Cronek for posting the files for this music.

side two:

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Anonymous said...

any chance you could put the actual files up for download?