Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dr. Orlando Owoh - Asotito Aiye

Dr. Orlando Owoh
and His African Kenneries Beat

"Vol II Asotito Aiye"

Shanu Olu SOS 186

side one: Aiba Mogba / Ologinni Koja Eran Amubo Iroko / Araba Tun Ra Mu / Allah Allah Na Tuba / Oko O Si Nile / Oro Ni O Sora E

Ola Philips said:  Kennery father, May you smoke till infinity if there is weed in heaven. Rest in peace if there is peace in heaven.

side two: Asotito Aiye / Jerry (Ore) / Ara Mba Da / Late Alhaji Fasasi Oriola Hassan (Shanu Olu) / Okin Lo Lori Eiye

“My soul praise the heavenly Lord.  Bring forth good offering to Him.  You have been healed and forgiven.  There’s nobody to be praised except God.  Praise the lord.  Praise the everlasting King of Kings.  I’ll praise the Lord.  Praise the everlasting King of Kings. " - Orlando Owoh


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