Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey

side one

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His Inter-Reformers Band


Obey OPS 012


side one: Eni To Ba Mbe Laiye / Ninu Odun Yi Baba Serere Fun Mi / Oseun Oluwa / Jesu Nikan Ni Moni Ni Baba / Bose Omede Loluwa Gbola Fun / Odun Owo

side two: Orisirisi Ore Lowa Laiye / O Mo Pe Mori E / Ma Gba Mi Laya - Ma Gba Mi Loko / Late Chief Moradeun Aduke Ojora / Late Chief E. O. Okunowo / Edumare Fun Wa Lolu Omo

jamsolon1 said... "this one of the obey song that will never be outdated, it is very sweet"

Outreachat said... "This is almost surely my all-time Obey album; I like the energy, his reprise of his old story-telling mode which Obey had favoured in the early 70s, and above all, the fusion of content and form in the brilliant drum sequences. The tenor guitarist on this album, Paul Tao, was the third major one to play with Obey, after Monday John and Segun Awe. 1987 was a huge year for Obey, being the only year he posed any credible threat to Sunny Ade's dominance in juju music since the 70s."

Special thanks to Moos at Global Groove for posting the files for this music.


Also much thats to Toshiya Endo for his Ebenezer Obey discography.


side two


Anonymous said...

i find this blog really great, now i can listen to real old school traditional music from nigeria and i feel like i never left home. yes i miss home but it's really a consolation i have access to our music here.

Ojora Adebayo said...

i love this song so much, pls how can i download plsssssssssss