Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cardinal Rex Lawson ~ Episode Two

side one

Cardinal Rex Lawson

"Episode Two"

side one:

Yellow Sisi
Nume Inye
Nkpake Da Owo
Akwa Abasi

side two:

Amanvanabo Ama Okite
Ese Ayang
Tom Kiriste

I have to confess that in all the excitement I've forgotten where I found each of these songs. Organizational skills have never been my strong point. Luckily, Cardinal Rex Lawson has a solid and growing presence on the internet. As mentioned in "Episode One" good places to hunt for Mr. Lawson's music are: Likembe, With Comb & Razor, Snap Crackle & Pop, and World Service. Check these blogs out. Even if you aren't looking for Rex Lawson's music they're sure to have something to sweeten your day.

side two

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