Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dr. Orlando Owoh ~ Obirin Asiko

side one:

Dr. Orlando Owoh and His Africa Kenneries International

Obirin Asiko

LP; Afrodisia DWAPS 2136


side one:

Easter Special
Baba Wa Silekun
Obinrin Asiko Lagbo Orlando

side two:

Cane Ati Abel
Alhaji Toyo Mayam
Omi L'enian

For the Pastor...

If anyone has the original album cover it would be appreciated.

From the Wikipedia:

Owoh was born Oladipupo Owomoyela in Osogbo, Nigeria, but he later became known to his fans as Chief Dr. Orlando Owoh. As a young man Owoh initially entered into the carpentry trade until 1958, when he was hired by Nigeria's Kola Ogunmola Theatre Group to play drums and sing. Owoh went on to form Dr. Orlando Owoh and His Omimah Band, in 1960, and over a musical career of forty years became one of the leading proponents of highlife music. With bands such as the Omimah Band and later the Young Kenneries and the African Kenneries International, Owoh remained popular in Nigeria, even as tastes moved to the newer juju and fuji styles.

Orlando Owoh died on November 6, 2008, in Lagos, Nigeria. He had over 45 albums to his credit.

Special thank you to Toshiya Endo for his Orlando Owoh discography.

side two:


ebenezer said...

I really want to say from the bottom of my heart that God bless the brain(s) behind this website. Each time I listen to these cooool compilations of Nigerian music I not only feel very nostalgic but relaxed and have the hope and assurances of better tomorrow. But I love to know if its possible to download some of these music and how can I do this please. Thanks for your help.

grooVemonzter said...


Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the great comment. Most of the music that I post here comes from files that I find posted on the internet. Look in the descriptions
of the videos. At the bottom I post a link to the site where the files came from. However, I must tell you that this particular album that you have commented on comes from my collection and I'm not certain if it is posted anywhere. So here's what I've done. I just posted this album on rapidshare. It's good for ten downloads and it will be up for 90 days. I hope you read this reply :-)

Cheers and here is the link.

Shola Famuwagun said...

Where can i buy this album or download. This is the only place to find the full album.