Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Admiral Dele Abiodun

Admiral Dele Abiodun & His Top Hitters Band

Adawa Super Ten: Elemu Nget On

LP Olumo ORPS 83


side one:
Je ka jo jojo adawa system
Osupa o pe meji
Baby mi ma foya
Elemu nget on
Emi ni aiye a ye

"Admiral" Dele Abiodun has had a steady music career of approximately 20 years. As a singer, composer and guitarist, Abiodun is considered to be one of the best juju musicians. He started his music career at a young age, dropping out of school and moving to Ghana to study music and to find a job. In Ghana he played the bass for several different highlife bands, but in 1969 he decided to go out on his own and he formed his own band called Sweet Abby and the Tophitters. The year following the formation of the band, Abiodun created a new style and used that in many of his performances. The new style of music that was created is known as Adawa, which in translation means Independent Being. After the introduction of the Adawa style, Abiodun and his band released several LPs and singles. In 1981 Abiodun released the hit album Beginning of a New Era and in 1983 he released another hit album titled Ma Se'Ke. In more recent times, Abiodun and his band have released two albums almost back to back. In 1985 they released Confrontation, which is a mini-LP, and in 1986 they released Oro Ayo in Nigeria. - www.artistdirect.com

side two:
Edumare gbe rere ko wa
Robert Opone
Olu Ajisegbede
Rora feso jaiye ori e

Special thank you to Moos, aka Global Groover, for posting the files for this great album.
And thank you to Toshiya Endo for his Dele Abiodun discography.

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