Friday, May 8, 2009

Ali Chukwuma ~ Club 25

Ali Chukwumah
& His Peace Makers International
side one: Club 25 / Henrietta

side two: Ezi Okwu Bu Ndu / Onye Melu Ogo Amazi

AmaOnyeObagu said...  Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii­iiiii this music is one of my uncle's favorite. This music reminds me of Eugene, Onyiba na Enugwu-ukwu, a very good man, I miss you Onyiba nwanne m. Back then saturday morning he will be cleaning his truck, playing the record , every interval he will scream ali na Aboo, chei onwu ebuka. I know Onyiba is somewhere now enjoying or hanging out with Ali in heaven . Onyiba i wish I knew I would not see you again after I came back home in 2004, we love and miss you.

Eyetubeful said...  I love Ali Chukwuma's music! I got to know him and his Amalisekise band when he lived in Nnewi in the late 70s. His brother and band manager Christopher became a good friend to me. I used attend the band rehearsals at the Palmer Hotel. I wonder if his son mentioned is Ifeanyi who was a bomboy then.   He was a good natured man who didn't take life too seriously. I miss him. He used to tease me and call me "small boy".
special thanks to Likembe for posting the files for this great music:

side two

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Anonymous said...

Hi bro, This is awesome. Ali Chukwuma forever.
Thanks a lot.