Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tunde the Western Nightingale ~ Vol. 1

side one

Tunde the Western Nightingale

The Original "Owa Nbe" Sound Vol. 1

side one: Iwa Rere - Miki Miki - Bolaji Thomas - Sholariwo Presidan - Bayo Salami - Eni Leti Ko Gbo

side two: Jimmy Dabosa - Ade Johnson - Oba Ikorodu - Ojo Toro To Paje - Oju To Lojo - My Juju

lustntee said.... "if i forget all the rest of the artist in group of nigerian classic artist i can never forget tunde johnson known as tunde nightingale this mans voice is wat made him stand out from the rest of the artists in his time"

Special thanks to Rockitforme for posting the files for this great Juju

side two


Anonymous said...

Thank you groovemonzter i really enjoy tunde and i love all the music you put there.

- Show Bby

grooVemonzter said...

Thank you Show Bby. :-)

Iyaeto said...

I,m really loving your collection!!!