Monday, January 26, 2009

General Prince Adekunle

General Prince Adekunle & his Supersonic Sounds
You Tell Me That You Love Me Baby
LP; Ibukun Orisun Iye [Lagos] MOLPS 30
side two:

Aiye Nreti Eleya
Aropin Ni T'enia
Eni To Lohun o Fe Tiwa
Awon Ma Wo Won Bo
Ota Ile Dehin Lehin Mi

fishbhorne said... "Listening to this music, tells me in nostalgia the lost era of authentic musical tradition of nigeria, which has since been lost in the atmosphere of western influence on nigeria cultural heterogeneity.., its a pity that we are in context trying to be westernised and in the process loosing the essece of our cuture... "

Special thanks to Likembe for posting the files for this great music:

And thanks to John Beadle and Toshiya Endo for their Prince Adekunle discography.

If anyone has an image of the right cover for this album it would be greatly appreciated. Likewise if anyone has a file with the music for side one (that they wouldn't mind sharing) it would be warmly received by all.

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