Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and His Miliki Sound

side one

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and his Miliki Sound

Side 1

Alowo Majaiye
Aiye Laba Ohun Gbogbo
Gba Mi Lowo Ota
Ma Di Oni Kanra
Ile Baba MI

Side 2

Pepeiye Bimo
Maje Nyo Aiye Wa
Baiye Nsata

side two

Special thanks to Thursdayborn of Awesometapesfromafrica for the original posting of this great music.



smootholyrugged said...

If I had to choose one which is nigh on impossible from this legends vast repertoire...this would be it...the mellowness the Miliki, the harmony and the vibe is perfect.....ejohhhh!!! (Baiye n' sata pelu esu!!!!

Anonymous said...

I lived with my father in Nigeria from 1975-1979.

I distinctly remember controlling the '8-track' in his Toyota Landcruiser as we travelled around the then 'East Central State'. They were simpler times, that I wish I could return to (less the bouts of malaria)

THIS album (or cartridge, as it was) was my favourite, closely followed by an Ibo singer called Celestine Ukwu - even though I had to have most of the lyrics translated for me - ha ha.

Miliki (sides 1 & 2) is an amazing, timeless mellowfest, and whilst I thank the Chief Commander for this classic, I thank YOU for uploading this and enabling me share my tender memories with my children.

I have not been back to Nigeria since, but could you PLEASE advice if this music is still in print, & if so, WHERE (legal cd/downloads pls).

Jah guide & protect .


Anonymous said...

I was opportune to listen to the evergreen melodies of one of our legend - Chief Commander Obey - on your blog. Many thanks for providing me this chance. Thank you. I was transposed back to those days when we were in our teens and the inspiration listening to this music now, is that we owe a duty to work together in any capacity, to restore our homeland to those beautiful times. Thank you again. bayoduntan@hotmail.com