Monday, August 28, 2017

Dr. Orlando Owoh - Vol. 1

Let's talk.   My motto has always been "in love and in music do not hesitate."  He who hesitates is lost and what love we may find today may not be here tomorrow.  A wise man once said that sometimes it is dangerous to even hesitate.  Because what is posted today may not be posted tomorrow.

Dr. Orlando Owoh 
Vol. 1

side one:
Money for hand back for ground
His Highness Oba Oyekan of Lagos
Evo omo olode
Ailo lore

side two:
Edun jale oforu Lo
Ore mi ma dale
Mori Sisi Kan L’Ode
Sisi fola shade

Salewa ye ye Salewa

side one

Dawodu Adeyemi said.... Keneri baba. Even at death, baba song still remain very existing to hearing. Continued to rest in peace baba.

"Salewa ye ye oh Salewa"


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