Sunday, August 27, 2017

Black Slate - 700 Pound Weight (12 inch)

artist: Black Slate feat. Ras Elroy
song: Seven Hundred Pound Weight b/w Justice and Honour
label: Integrity 12 inch single

I worked at UCLA during the 1980's.  For much of that time I lived in a little apartment in Westwood Village about a block from Rhino Records.  I used to walk home after work and Rhino was on the way.  I ran across this gem in the used reggae bin one night.  Filed under heavy reggae.  Seven Hundred Pound Weight.

Seven Hundred Pound

My woman loves it and she smokes it
my woman loves it and she needs it
my woman smokes it cuz it takes her higher
but we just can afford it.

Mister Government, Mister Government
you've taken away from the poor man
who smoke this herb for meditation
to reach to the higher one.

So seven hundred pound
a weight a murder
seven hundred pounds
a weight of sensimilla
seven hundred pounds
a weight of sensimilla.

Black Slate


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