Friday, July 8, 2016

The Exciting Talkatives

Up until recently I had a facebook page called "grooVemonzter channel".  Then a week ago, when I tried to log-in, facebook suddenly demanded that I change the page name to my real name.  They also demanded that I provide photo ID and my phone number.  No no and no.  So I didn't log in.  And facebook deleted the page! 

Do you know how many hundreds of music related photos I had uploaded to that page....  Face in palm of hand.  Geesh.

So listen my friends, this page too shall someday be gone.  And in 100 years we'll all be dust.  Even the sun and the moon, and the creeps at facebook will someday vanish.

In the mean time here's a great album.

Let the music do the talking.

artist: The Exciting Talkatives
album: Peace and Love
label: Polydor Stereo 2940010
year: 1977

side one:
bribery and corruption
susu twa mpowa
papa ye asa

side two
jelous baby
obiara bewu


1 comment:

Markhno Khepa said...

hi there. Any chance you can re-up this disc? It would be much appreciated