Thursday, September 10, 2015

K.K.'s No. 2 - Heavy Mama

K.K.'s No. 2 led by A.K. Yeboah
Heavy Mama
Essiebons EBLS 6189 (1979)
side one:
Heavy Mama
Tua Ma Woho Nkom

"Every album by K.K.'s No. 2 Band is a treat to hear, but it's a shame that there isn't much information available about this group and its leader/singer A.K. Yeboah (Anthony King Yeboah, or sometimes "King" Yeboah). We know that Yeboah received his musical training under the legendary highlife musician and concert party performer Kakaiku (Moses Oppong). Yeboah went on to perform with Kakaiku's no. 2 band, which I would guess was the group out of which K.K.'s no. 2 Band evolved. According to John Collins, Yeboah and his K.K.'s no. 2 went on to perform as a concert party troupe, surely a successful one considering Yeboah's early training in Kakaiku's band." Osibisaba
side two:
Odo Ye Wu Fie
Mete Ase Manya Ade



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