Sunday, September 6, 2015

City Boys Band - Nye Asem Hwe

City Boys Band
led by Obuoba J.A. Adofo
Nya Asem Hwe
released 1980
side one:
1 Nya Asem Hwe
2 Nko Nngya M'akyir
3 Osu A Meresu
4 Ofie Nipa Se Wo A

"There are no words eloquent enough to describe this Album.  It is beautiful beyond description.  Why?  Because much of Adofo's talent and musical skill has been displayed in it.  In selections like 'Nko Nngya M'ekyir', 'Ofie Nipa See Woa,' 'Ankwanoma Dede' and 'Nko Besie' to mention but few, the beautiful sweet rhythms and the superbly magnetic voice of Adofo flowing through them, will no doubt give each and every listener of this Album, a complete musical satisfaction.  Just take it easy and listen to the fantastic numbers awaiting you on this LP after which you'll agree with me that this Album is really great, fantastic and magnificent" Samuel Yaw Opong Safo (Wofa Yaw) (from the back cover)
side two:
1 Akutiabo
2 Ankwanoma Dede
3 Baabi Dehyee
4 Nko Besie


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