Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sir Victor Uwaifo - EKASSA

Sir Victor Uwaifo has a unique style.  I hesitate to even call this album "Highlife" but it certainly isn't "afrobeat."   And I would never call anything I like "afropop."  Sir Victor Uwaifo's music is unique.  And beautiful.
I originally downloaded this album from the now quiet With Comb and Razors blog.  But that link is dead. I'm hoping they won't mind if I re-upload it here. 
Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody Maestroes
modern music of African folklore
side one:
01 Dododo
02 Obodo-Eyo
03 Vbakha-Okun
04 Iduah

side two:
01 Obele
02 Edede
03 Izogie-Eronmwon
04 Omoseruwa
05 Ogieni
10 Ovoramuen II

Special thanks to Comb and Razor for sharing this music:

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Anonymous said...

Reupload please? Thank you! :)