Monday, August 3, 2015

Orlando Owoh - Ma Wo Mi Roro


I'm working at re-uploading files and in the process I finally found the right album cover for this album.  I believe that is called "serendipity." 

This, I want to tell you, is a great Orlando Owoh album.  It comes from the 1980's when Dr. Owoh was calling his band "His Afrikan Kenneries Beats International."  


Dr. Orlando Owoh and His Afrikan Kenneries Beats International

Vol. 9: Ma Wo Mi Roro

LP; Shanu Olu SOS 166

side one: Lai Ku Egiri / Oluwa Lala Baromi / Madam Olumuyiwa Omolola (Akure) / What Can You Tell Me Why You Do Me So / Iye Mi Mabinu Mo Se Saigbo

side two:  Late Chief Okunyolaka Ademulegun / Ifo Social Club

thanks to Toshiya Endo for his Orlando Owoh discography:

Ma womi roro:



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bayusch said...


Thanks for your blog. I see you've got an amazing collection of LPs too.

Do you sell as well or you're a pure collector?

Could you also pls reupload?