Saturday, August 1, 2015

Opambuo International Band of Ghana

This is really beautiful music.  I love it.  Speaking of love, I moved from Miami to Los Angeles.  Then I got a new job.  Then I got another job and I was working two jobs at once.  Then I got married.  Then my wife got pregnant.  And... I've been busy.

Nice to be posting lovely music again.  I'm working on reloading dead links.  Cheers and greetings to all from Los Angeles.

album: Show Me Your Love

artist: Opambuo International Band of Ghana lead by Leo Nana Agyeman

side one:
A1 Show Me Your Love
A2 Amma Ghana

side two:
B1 Me Wu De Ka Agyamo
B2 Hu Anim Ase Nkyene
B3 Nsuo Ayire Me

Special thanks to Osibisaba blog for this music:

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