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Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey - Ambition


Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and His Inter-Reformers Band


(Decca WAPS 568)

year: 1983

side one: Oluwa Je Ki Ato Agba / Adura Ti Abiyamo Ngba / kose Thank You Mother, Father / Omo Eni Ni Sin Ni / Wa Elese / Baba Loke Ba Mi Se Temi 

Taken from Nigerians In America (NIA):
My love for Adeolu Akinsanya
At the time Obey commenced his musical career, the reigning genre was the highlife. Why then did he opt for juju music? “What we had at that time were the highlife, juju and mambo orchestra. That was the music of Adeolu Akinsanya."  Mambo Orchestra? You'd always thought Adeolu Akinsanya sang highlife. “That was the second leg of his music,” Obey corrects you, smiling. “We had the highlife, we had the mambo orchestra, we had the kokoma and we had the juju. But at that time, I was much in love with Adeolu Akinsanya’s music. The way he composed his songs was simply incredible. Have you heard the song, Opa ebiti to wolo laguda?” The song sounds strange. So the minister takes a quick trip back to his singing days and sings the song. “I think I heard it before on OGBC 2,” you say without conviction, eyeing Ekisola. “No, I don’t think they had that song,” Obey says. “I don’t think we did,” agrees Ekisola. Then the man of God continues. “That was one song that arrested me. The way he composed that song was something else. I fell in love with Adeolu Akinsanya’s songs. Those were the days of the gramophone, and people did not play those records all the time. But whenever I heard the music of Adeolu Akinsanya, I found myself drawn to the music. I knew virtually all his songs by heart. As soon as I heard his song once, that was it. I later got very close to Adeolu Akinsanya. So I started singing like him. That continued until I started my first band between 1954 and 1955.... more here:


side two: Omo Olorun Ko Se Mu / Oluwa Ni Agbara Emi Mi/ Ogun Aiye Ko Le Bori / Ogun Orun / Ko Si Iberu Fomolorun / Adisa Onile Ere / Oro Ajoso

thanks to Toshiya Endo for his Ebenezer Obey discography:
thanks to walizono2002 for sharing side one:
thanks to Adedeji Okunola for sharing side two:

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