Sunday, December 19, 2010

King Sunny Ade - The Message


King Sunny Ade G.M.A.

"The Message"

(LP; Sunny Alade SALPS 25)


side one: Baba Orun A Mbe O / Igbala Ni Mofe / Oro Dugbe Dugbe / Ko S'Agbe Mo Loko / Mo Beru Oruko T'Aiye Nje

side two: Ma J'Aiye Oni / Alhaji Bode Osinusi / Alhaji Rasaq Ogbara

"Is this a great album or what?" - anonymous

The Message (side one)

The Message (side two)
I about fell off my chair when I saw that Moos had posted this album. "The Message" by KSA has certainly been the most requested album here at grooVemonzter so all thanks and respect are due to Moos the Global Groover for posting this classic album. For those interested it can be found here:

Also a special thanks goes out to Toshiya Endo for his King Sunny Ade discography:


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lucabracee said...

groove thanks once again for this awesome tracks.i think you should meet king sunny are cause you are really doing a lot to make his evergreen tracks available for us to enjoy.
i have met him a couple of times,he is a really humble and great man he also jokes a lot so be prepared for sure if he sees this blog he ll want to meet you