Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Queen Oladunni Decency


track one:

Queen Oladunni Decency

"African Mummy Juju"

track one: Ijesa Progressive Union (Kano)/Emi Yio Ma Yin O Logo/Chief S. B. Ajasa Oluwa

track two: Atunpa Mai Ku/Mummy Juju Fans/Pegan-Pegan

Special thanks to Freedomblues for posting the files for this great music. Keep them coming...


track two:


Anonymous said...

We need more of these tunes. They bring a lot of memories. In particular, I will welcome the inclusion of tunes from ET Mensah and His Black Beats of Ghana.Thanksphilemon@earthlink.net

Emerald Marketing Communications Limited said...

Thanks for this great job. Please where can i get to buy queen Oladunni Decency's album in Nigeria? Thank you as I look forward to hearing from you in my olatunjioluwa@facebook.com