Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vis-a- Vis ~ Odu Gu Ahoroo

side one


"Odo Gu Ahoroo"


side one

1 Odo gu ahoroo
- Maye pentoa
- Ohianiwa
- Osu a ono nkoaa

side two

1 Sunsum me gu mu
2 Odo fever
3 Abofra ketewa
4 Ebeto dabi

Another great album found on the Global Groove blog; "Odo Gu Ahoroo" from Vis-a-Vis. According to Moos this album came out in 1976. Still sounding fresh in 2009.
All repect to musicians.


Isaac Yeboah - Lead Vocals
Sammy 'Red' Cropper - Guitar
Slim Yaw Manu - Bass
Anthony Yeboah - Vocals
Kung-Fu Kwaku - Drums
Yaw Asante - Conga
Ayim Bediako
Daniel Asare - Maracas
Abee Mensah - Keyboards

side two

Special thanks to Moos at Global Groove for posting this essential album.

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