Monday, August 31, 2009

Kayode Fashola ~ Aja To Nlepa Ekun

side one:

The Music Makers led by Kayode Fashola

"Aja To Nlepa Ekun"

TYC 105-L Vol 7

side one:

Aja To Nlepa Ekun
O Tafa Soke
Nin, Nin, Nin, La'Bolu
Eni Ma Bimo

side two:

Iyawo To Mo Yayi Oko
Iyawo To Ko Leta Siwa
Iyawo To Gbowo Ale
Ohun Ti Moni
Iyawo Gbo Temi

Special thanks to My African Bargains. Nice folks and well worth a visit. (grooVemonzter recommendation)

side two:

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Anonymous said...

What a find! This is a gem; touching. Thanks! Could you be even kinder to us? The version on your youtube channel is about 11 mins... How about a link to download the album... I'm thinking this is a companion on long morning frives to work... Many thanks...