Wednesday, November 6, 2019

RIP Vaughn Bemjamin

The eyes are the lights of the body
Look into your eyes
See you are infinity
Somebody worthy of noble deeds
Jah inna I and I
Jah inna everybody - Vaughn Benjamin

Vaughn Benjamin has passed. 

This is a tough one.


Rest in peace Vaughn Benjamin.

Your music will live forever.

Rasta to the Bone.

Midnite Live Tracks - Vol. 1

1) In the Kindom of Jah (a)
2) When Them (a)
3) Israel (a)
4) Rasta Living inna Babylon (b)
5) Propaganda (c)
6) I Feel Jah (d)
7) Jah Ovah (d)
8) All Praise (e)

(a) Live at the Northwest World Reggae Festival 2011
(b) Veterans Hall - Santa Cruz, California 2009
(c) URF - 10
(d) Trinumeral Festival 080808
(e) Live at Ouside Lands unknown date

All Praise

thanks to youtube users:

I no wan no seat inna them wolfpack congregation,
I Rastaman still stand - Vaughn Bengamin


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