Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Delroy Wilson Selections

Like many Jamaican singers of his generation Delroy Wilson began his career at Studio One.  He cut his first record in 1961 at the age of 13 singing Ska.  He went on to record throughout the rock steady and reggae eras.  These songs were recorded during the mid to late 1970's with producer Bunny Lee.  Band was the Aggrovators. 


Delroy Wilson Selections

01 Too late for the learning
02 Won't you come home girl
03 Searching so long
04 Love and affection
05 Playgirl
06 Have some mercy
07 Golden touch
08 Silhouette
09 Baby baby
10 Someday somebody
11 Come along with me
12 One one
13 Any heart can be broken

"Golden touch" (from the album: Go Away Dream)

"Any heart can be broken" (from the album: Captivity)

"Too late for the learning" (from the album: Sarge)

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