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Seidomatic System

Emperor Pick Peters has been resurfacing.  There is talk of a new album.  He did this interview with PM Entertainment titled:

"I Never Fought With KSA"

Peter Akanni Akorede a.k.a. Emperor Pick Peter of the "Omode de" fame, spoke with P.M. Entertainment about the crisis between him and King Sunny Ade and the involvement of Admiral Dele Abiodun, his TYC record label days and other issues

Quite an age, Emperor Pick Peter, where have you been?

PP: I have been around. Although I used to travel, now I am home fully with my family.

Where did you travel to?

PP: I have been to London, USA, Japan and other parts of the world.

Did you stay back for some time?

PP: Yes, I stayed back for about five years and I am home fully.

Why did you decide to return?

PP: Well, home is home and Nigeria is a sweet home and I will never forget my home.

You are known to be popular with the album, Omo Ode de, how did you do it?

PP: I decided to go to the studio after an album released by King Sunny Ade entitled E k’ilo f’omo ode, but let me tell you the truth about that song, King Sunny Ade is not the original owner, it was Ambrose Campbel. I have a copy of the record which we used to play on gramophone in those days. So, all the story that I was fighting him does not hold water, KSA is my brother and friend. We were together when he was living in a rented apartment. I used to go to his house then and his wife, the late Yetunde, used to cook for us.

What then informed your Omo ode de?

PP: Let me start from the beginning. I released my first album in 1973 on Marijos Recording Company label. The album was titled Kango kango l’agogo n dun. So in 1974, the album became an instant hit, selling in Nigeria and overseas, but the company did not pay me a dime and before I joined TYC (Take Your Choice Records/African Sounds), I met King Sunny Ade and informed him of my intention to join the company owned by the late Chief Bolarinwa Abioro. He was my uncle because we both came from Ipokia in Ogun State. KSA promised to assist and I told him to advise Chief Abioro to buy me a Volkswagen bus commonly called Danfo, to convey my musical equipment and he promised to deliver my message, not knowing that there was crisis between him and Abioro. He left without fulfilling the five-year agreement signed with the recording company and that was why he was banned for one year by an Igbosere High Court. When he left and after listening to his E K’ilo f’omo ode album, some of my fans called me that KSA directed it at me and that he was calling me Omo ode (a hunter’s son).

Was it after KSA’s exit that you joined TYC?

PP: Yes.

How did it happen?

PP: The management of TYC came to the then Lido Bar opposite Fela’s Shrine in Idi Oro area of Mushin, where I used to stage a weekly performance. At that time, Fela and I were holding sway at our different joints.

What happened after you joined Abioro's company?

PP: The company bought me a set of musical equipment and a Kombi bus, while I released my first album, Eda aye n reti pe ewe nla ni o lo ru wewe, on TYC label. Later, I released another one entitled Igbeyin l’alayo n ta, after which Dele Abiodun released an album.


PP: Let me tell you, he was and still my friend because when he travelled to the UK and on his return to Nigeria, I was launching my musical equipment that day and his manager, Mufutau came to me to inform  me about his arrival, because, at that time, when you travelled abroad and returned, it used to be fun and your fellow musicians will perform for you at the airport. So, I quickly sent my equipment to the airport to welcome him, but after all those things, this man went to the studio to record a song entiltled O j’ebi, o j’ebi omo ode, that prompted me to give a reply. I went to the studio in 1976 and recorded E ju’ba f’omo ode, which sold across the globe.

After that, it seemed your career nose-dived a bit?

PP: Nothing happened, I am still alive.

But some people said you don't play music anymore and that you have relocated to your town?

PP: I am still alive and in Lagos. Then that was my time, you know, everybody has his or her own time, even in journalism and that is what we call star. In the morning, some will shine, while it will be others’ turn in the evening. Music is still in my veins and I still perform, in fact, I still perform in Lagos at a party near Onigbogbo bus stop.

Why did you stop releasing albums?

PP: As I told you, everything has time, for instance, early this year, I released an audio CD in honour of Babatunde Fashola, the governor of Lagos State and very soon, I am going back to the studio to work on a new album for people to know that Peter is still hot.

But why haven't you released any since 1976?

PP: After 1976, I released over 20 albums on Oluno Records label, EMI and Identity, my own label.

Did you really make money from those albums?

PP: Yes I did, it is only TYC that is owing me, I am taking the estate of the late Abioro to court soon as the company is owing me over N2 billion naira as royalty.

There was this belief that you were used against KSA by TYC and that it was after the company retrieved the musical instruments bought for him that you decided to join?

PP: That is not true, it was basically a breach of agreement between KSA and TYC.

After the Omo ode de saga, have you been seeing KSA?

PP: Yes, we are very close and have always been together. He is my brother.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to read an interview with The Emperor. Rivalry in music is nothing new, it helps to drive sales and popularity and it's basically a real cool way to market artists. You gotta get your name out there and sometimes you gotta take on whoever the most popular artist of the day is. Good to know that there wasn't any bad blood between the artists. When i read about hip hop artists and rappers beefing these days, i chuckle a bit. It's the same as it ever was.

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