Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Midnite Live 2005

Midnite  Live @ the World Beat Center 2005

1 In the Race So Far
2 Lion Pavillion
3 Freedom
4 Zimbabwe Wall
5 I Chant
6 Wrickta Scale On Ya
7 I&I a Bushman

"Did not this morning start with darkness?" - Midnite

My free youtube to mp3 converter will only convert half a video.  But in this case the whole video was two and a half hours long so half still gave us a nice CD.  Midnite has to be the best roots band out there.  They're brilliant. 

special thanks to BETOPOA09:


Anonymous said...

use JDownloader, if you don't know about it, they have a wikipedia page. still, like you said, 1/2 of the video is awesome, anyway...

Ney Good Vibrations said...

PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!