Friday, August 14, 2009

I. K. Dairo (mbe) and His Blue Spots

part one:

I. K. Dairo (mbe) and His Blue Spots

part one: Mo Ti Yege

part two: Labondo - F’eso J’aiye

I've been trying to post music on this blog the way it appeared on the albums. That is how the artist presented the music and it's nice to hear the songs in their original context. But I can't find any more I. K. Dairo albums. Trust me I'm looking. When I find more of his albums I'll be posting them. In the mean time here are some great songs. The picture of the young I. K. Dairo and his Blue Spots comes from the album "Ashiko Music Vol. 2."

Special thanks to World Passport for posting the files for this music.

part two:

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yemzy said...

thank you for posting all this great songs from years really make me miss my country and my people.home sweet home.