Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dr. Orlando Owoh and His Omimah Band

side one:

Dr. Orlando Owoh and His Omimah Band

"Ire L'oni"

LP; Decca WAPS 201


side one:

Ire L'oni
Enyin Mudia
Apade Ni Bode
Alawode Awo Ni

side two:

Edumare Da Wa Lohun
Ete Ti Gbo Ere Orlando
Enrini Seleke
Selima Ebe Ni Mo Be

Ok... I am not really certain if this is the right album cover. But it might be.. I found the image posted on the internet with the description; "Dr. Orlando Owoh and His Omimah Band." I have sent an email inquiring. In any case it looks good and the music is great.. as ever.

Special thanks to Toshiya Endo for his Orlando Owoh discography.

And thanks to Junkroomrecords for posting the image of this album cover be as it may.

side two:


Brian D. said...

Thanks for posting so many quality tracks. Superb Artists out there to be discovered. Enjoy " Ire L'Oni" very much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these songs. Is it possible for you to share the files? Especially the Kayode Fashola