Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunny Ade and his African Beats

side one:

Sunny Ade & His African Beats

"Syncro Chapter 1"


side one: Syncro Feelings

side two: Oba Adeyemi (Alafin Oyo)

akknile said... "From 3:22 Hadji Tiamiyu @ his best`Bo pata mi o bo pata,bo sokoto mi o bo sokoto,bo bante mo bo bante kini mo obirin se afo ju di......O.B.O LOL!"

Outreachat said... "This was the first juju album to use the Hawaiian guitar. Its effect was so spell-binding I still recall being a part of crowds on a Lagos street September 1977 listening in wonder to Sunny's latest innovation: it was unlike anything he had ever attempted. The long steel guitar solo 10:11ff is a rendering of a folk song by the twins, The Lijadu Sisters, "Iya O, Ololufe Mi" (My Mother, My Lover), but Sunny's guitar takes it right into the spheres!"


I added a "hit monitor" to this blog yesterday (check out the spinning globe at the bottom of the page). Nice to see hits coming in from around the world. Thank you everyone. By the way, that red dot you see at the tip of Florida... that's me.

side two:


Dami said...

akknile You are very right!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love this side 2 titled "Oba Adeyemi (Alaafin oyo)". OMG i have never seen a pool of old school yoruba musc like this b4 in my life. Groove monzter u've wounded me oooooo cos i won't log out of this blog again. I'm the guy hitting from Leeds.

Newseismic said...

God bless u for all this sunny ade oldies........i only have four of his old school CD' u've given me more than enough. Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

David Ayinde said...

You guys are the best! Sunny Ade's Syncro Chapter One (Syncro Feelings, Side One) and (Oba Adeyemi, Alaafin Oyo Side Two) are great Old School Yoruba Soul Music. I am going for an acting audition and I need to sing a few African Songs. I thought it will be nice if I can sing something from this album.

Many thanks,

Shola Famuwagun said...

Is it possible to download this music to my computer?