Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ebenezer Obey ~ Adventure of Mr. Wise

side one

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey

and His Inter-Reformers Band

Adventure of Mr. Wise

side 1
Motun gbede
Ita baba kan
Ogbon loruko e
Oluwa fun ni ohun merin
Owo, suru, omo ati aiku lewe
Suru lodara

side 2
Sikisiki mami
Bi osi temi
Iru oluwa ni osi
Chief Henry Fajemirokun
Chief I. S. Adewale
Eleganza R. Okoya

geo93kat said: Monday John grew up in Lagos improved Obey's rhythm when everyone was saying Obey's music was boring. Don't forget Alagba Vasco Dagama Adio from Owu in Abeokuta, he is the one with all the bongo drumming that he did with many straw sticks that goes continously on in the background of this sound and many of obey's music and also Mutiu Kekere playing the talking drum added another dimension to Obey's music.

The strong rhythm very dominant and louder than the rest was Obey himself, the thin wailing sound was accompanying guitar by Monday John. Most people did not know Obey was a very skilled guitarist himself. I had the pleasure of seeing them played and practiced. We should also compliment Mathew Baba l'egba on the bass drum, he comes out across very regular. Arigid and Oke Aminu contributed tenor and octave vocals both sat on each side of Commander. Gabriel Adedeji was on bass guitar.

side two:

Special thanks to Moos @ Global Groove for posting this great music.


Dami said...

Baba many thanks for these posts. But this particular posting has an error. Only 2.47 mins was recorded. Can you please repost. Thanks

grooVemonzter said...

Hi Dami - Sorry for the problem. I think there is something wrong with blogspot. The whole song is posted here. If you click forward the song starts again. The same thing has been happening on other post too and then it resolves. I don't know what the problem is exactly but I hope it is temporary. Sorry. ~ Cole

jogzy said...

Now I have your blogsite open on my system 24/ I can enjoy these cherished sounds anytime. Thanks for being a blessing. More posts please.We are loving it!!!!