Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Burning Spear Studio One Showcase

Burning Spear released two albums on the Studio One label.  Those two albums are, in my humble opinion, two of the greatest records of all time and I do not say that lightly.

I've always wanted one more Burning Spear Studio One album. Just one ...

Sometimes, my dear friends, you have to do things yourself.

album: Burning Spear Studio One Showcase
label: Little Red
executive producer: grooVemonzter


01 This Population ( The Burning Spear) 
02 This Population version (The New Establishment) 
03 Get Ready (Burning Spear) 
04 Get Ready Dub (Winston & The Brentford Rockers) 
05 Wala Wala (Owen Right) 
06 Creation Rebel (Burning Spear) 
07 Creation (Version) (Winston & The Brentford Rockers) 
08 Door Peeper (Single Version) 
09 Ethiopians live it out (Burning Spear) 
10 Live it out (Burning Spear with Sound Dimension) 
11 Rocking Time (Burning Spear (Coxsone single version)) 
12 Zion Higher (Burning Spear) 
13 Zion (Ver.) (Sound Dimension) 
14 The Avenue Pt2 (Hubert Lee with Sound Dimension)

Burning Spear at Studio One


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